Medtronic has the first fully-implantable spinal cord stimulation systems that allow MRI scans on the hips, shoulders, back, chest – and everywhere else.* SureScan™ MRI technology allows an MRI scan anywhere on your body, under specific conditions.

Don't Take Chances With Your Future

If you need an MRI on your hips, shoulders, chest, abdomen, or anywhere else*, protect yourself with Medtronic SureScan MRI Technology.

Jessy F.

Jessy F.

"I decided I wanted to try the Medtronic one due to the fact I was so young and I knew later on in life I could need an MRI."

You never know when you may need an MRI. But once you're protected with SureScan, you can have an MRI anywhere on your body without compromising your safety.*

It's important that your spinal cord stimulation system doesn't prevent you from getting an MRI in the future – anywhere on your body. Or prevent any of your doctors from ordering an MRI when they think you need one.

What Patients Say About MRI


"My only reservation was that I wouldn't be able to have the MRI that I needed on my foot. Now that worry was gone."

Not All Systems Protect You the Same Way

Medtronic SureScan™ MRI systems allow MRI scans anywhere on your body, under specific conditions* — not just your head, legs, and wrists.

Ask Your Doctor About MRI Safety

When you talk with your doctor about spinal cord stimulation as a potential treatment option, be sure to ask if the system he or she has in mind would limit MRI scans to only your head, legs, and wrists.

*Under specific conditions; talk with your doctor about these conditions.