Why Choose a Medtronic Spinal Cord Stimulation System?

More than one company makes spinal cord stimulation systems. As you and your doctor choose the system that’s right for you, it is important that you research these companies and learn about their history with the therapy.

The Choice for Better Pain Relief

Medtronic pioneered neurostimulation therapy more than 30 years ago and has continued to advance the technology to offer better pain relief,* safe access** to MRI scans, and personalized therapy to meet your needs.

Better Pain ReliefBetter Pain Relief: 88.7% of patients reported better pain relief* with AdaptiveStim® technology that automatically adjusts stimulation as you change body positions, so you can focus on life instead of adjustments.YESNONONO
Safe Access to Full-body MRI ScansSafe Access to MRI Scans Anywhere in the Body: Only Medtronic SureScan® MRI technology allows safe access** to MRI scans anywhere in the body. If your doctor prescribes a Medtronic system that does not have SureScan MRI technology, you will have access to MRI head scans.YESNONONO
Personalized Therapy to Meet Your NeedsPersonalized Therapy to Meet Your Needs: Using high density (HD) programming within AdaptiveStim technology, you can get personalized therapy, targeted to your specific pain area, programmed to your stimulation preferences, and all without having to manually adjust your programmer every time you change positions.YESNONONO

*RestoreSensor® Clnical Study compared AdaptiveStim® to Medtronic conventional stimulation; 88.7% is based on analysis of one of two questions that comprised the primary endpoint of improved convenience and/or better pain relief. Percentage based on respondents who completed the pain relief question.

**Under specific conditions and requires SureScan® MRI implantable neurostimulator and Vectris® SureScan MRI leads

Spinal Cord Stimulation Systems Are Not All Alike

Although there are lots of differences, some are more critical than others. Watch the video below to learn more about important differences like adaptive stimulation and SureScan MRI technology.

Medtronic Spinal Cord Stimulation Explained

A simple explanation of Adaptive Stimulation and SureScan MRI Technology

A Leader in Neurostimulation

Here are some additional important facts to know about Medtronic as a long-standing leader in neurostimulation:

  • Neurostimulation therapy was developed by Medtronic and was first approved in 1984.
  • Medtronic has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with chronic pain using spinal cord stimulation.
  • Medtronic is a worldwide leader in medical technology and the largest medical device company in the world.
  • Medtronic offers the most therapeutic options available to meet your specific pain relief needs—including both a rechargeable and non-rechargeable neurostimulation system.
  • Both doctors and patients count on Medtronic for the widest education network available—you can find doctors who are familiar with Medtronic Chronic Pain Therapies in more than 120 countries worldwide.

Who Can I Go to for Answers?

There are many resources available to help you get answers to your questions about Medtronic spinal cord stimulation.